SCHARF is a Danish company that specializes in the design and manufacture of the highest quality riding equipment for horse & rider.


Our elegant and exclusive SCHARF riding helmets are a Danish brand with a fantastic and solid design and a keen eye on safety always adhering to applicable safety standards.. Our vision is to create a complete and up-to-date look for the quality-conscious rider.


TThe exclusive and patented SCHARF FREEDOM girth is designed so that each part of the girth works together with a particular groups without disturbing the function of other muscles. The girth works with the muscles both horizontally and vertically as well as forwards and backwards. The girth is the first on the market that works in a biomechanical and intermuscularfashion. The SCHARF FREEDOM girth has maximum air circulation and works on the elimination of sweat.


TThe SCHARF glove is the perfect choice if you want a really good grip and reins that don’t slip, whilst having complete feel of the rein. The quality and especially the choice of material allows these gloves to be not only elegant but hard wearing.. The glove is in 100% soft and breathable goatskin, which is incredibly durable.



In the brochure you can read more about SCHARF FREEDOM girth and SCHARF FREEDOM lamb pads.


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