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Behind the SCHARF brand is Christina Scharf, a Danish lady who began the brand SCHARF back in 2011. Horses have been faithful guides and a great passion in Christina’s life.

The company started as CJ Proline, an agency company that distributed products from various European equestrian brands. In 2019, the name was changed to SCHARF. The name change took place as the focus shifted to the production and distribution of our own brand, and today, SCHARF is responsible for the production and distribution of SCHARF riding helmets, Freedom girths, Freedom Reins and gloves. Our vision is elegance and solid design with safety being of crucial importance. The horse’s welfare is essential, because the horse must be able to perform optimally under the best possible circumstances. We use only the absolute best materials and never compromise. At the same time, we use, as far as possible, recyclable and/or easily degradable materials.

Since 2012, SCHARF has also handled the BTB sale of Nathalie Horse Care. Behind Nathalie Horse Care is a team of strong, visionary and dynamic women. Horses are also their passion and all are horse owners, riders and breeders. Their series of care products for horses and riders has been developed in close collaboration with Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. She pays attention to quality and details.


Christina has spent the first many years of her life in Greenland with her parents and her brother. Here the first interest in horses was born after riding a beautiful little Shetland pony, on which many hours were spent. After a fantastic adventure in Greenland, the whole family moved to North Zealand, where Christina’s interest in horses really took off at Frederiksborg Ridecenter. Here she spent all her hours after school with her pony, Paw. The next years went by with training, jobs and of course lots of horses.

It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you and be the person your horse will love to follow anywhere

Christina Scharf

In 2000, Christina Scharf had a beautiful daughter, Josephine, who at an early age took the same interest as her mother, horses. Christina and Josephine shared this passion for many years at Ørholm Ryttergård and at Lyngsø Horses. Josephine and Christina rode together on a daily basis, and this was the start of the design of riding helmets.

The idea was born when Josephine one day asked Christina, “Mom, why do I have to ride with a riding helmet, and you can ride without one?” Christina replied, “It’s because you, Josephine, are smart and mom is stupid.”

At this point, the importance of proper safety while riding dawned on Christina, which started the hunt for a suitable riding helmet, unfortunately without much luck. This launched the idea of creating a riding helmet that is comfortable to wear, that has a good fit and is affordable for most. Since then, SCHARF products have been added, where the welfare of the horse is also of highest priority.