SCHARF FREEDOM the girth the latest concept developed with the horse’s anatomy at the forefront of the design offering independent support of the rib muscles on both sides, as well as both the upward and the oblique pectoral muscles. The special construction of the SCHARF FREEDOM girth also means that the horse’s sternum is relieved of pressure whilst providing optimal support and space, when the horse is moving.

The 8 FREEDOM girths





Strong & resistant

The FREEDOM girths is the only girth on the market with an integrated structure made of non-deformable synthetic fiber. This material acts as an inner “body” without cuts, grooves or seams. This makes the FREEDOM girth immeasurably strong and almost impossible to break. The synthetic fibre can withstand resistance/pull of up to 750 kg for Dressage, Icelandic Waterproof and Pony girths. The FREEDOM girth for jumping, military, racing and western can withstand resistance/pull of up to 1500 kg. The synthetic “body” is then utilises premium leather for optimal quality and elegance. The waterproof girth is covered with PVC and elastotec of the best quality. This synthetic fiber has been used for generations for extreme sports activities (climbing, ship mooring, air sports, etc.). This product is certified according to European safety standards.

SCHARF FREEDOM the girth is completely unique

Its revolutionary concept makes it the first girth on the market that optimizes muscle function. The extreme flexibility of the Freedom girth makes it easy to fold together therefore making it easier to transport and store. The Freedom girth is a unique patent pending product made in Europe with material of the highest quality in accordance with EU standards. This product focuses on the quality of life, and the high specification of the girth will allow you to enjoy it for many year to come.

Color options

FREEDOM the leather girths is available in three different beautiful standard colors; Black, Chocolate and Havana. Icelandic Waterproof is available in the color; Black.




Icelandic waterproof

Freedom of movement without restriction

Independent support of the rib muscles (Intercostales) on both sides

Independent support of the pectoralis muscles – both ascending and descending

Independent support of the pectoral muscles when the muscles move

Maximum air circulation

FREEDOM the design of the girth with fewer contact points ensures the horse has reduced sweat in the girth area when working. Reducing the generation of heat means less development of sweat !

you donate 1€ to “Horse therapy project”

When you buy a SCHARF Freedom it normally reflect that welfare, care and comfort is foremost in your mind. When you buy one of the models of the SCHARF Freedom girth, 1 Euro is donated to the “Horse Therapy Project” in association with “ASPERGA”. The association is for children and adolescents suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. “ASOCIACIÓN SYNDROME DE ASPERGAER GALICIA, La Coruná, Galician” is located in Northern Spain. We are immensely proud to be able to support and help make a difference with horse therapy for these children and young people.

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FREEDOM lambskin pads

SCHARF FREEDOM SCHARF FREEDOM lamb pads come primarily from farmers in the UK and Australia. All the lambskins we use for SCHARF FREEDOM pads comply with all EU directives, adher to all the rules for health and the environment. No AZO dyes are used in our production, we are providing lambskin in a growing number of beautiful colors. The lambskins are organic and easily degradable.





In the brochure you can read more about SCHARF FREEDOM girth and SCHARF FREEDOM lamb pads.