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Selected products from Nathalie Horse Care is marked with the Nordic Swan Eco Label as a seal of quality. Nathalie Horse Care was first in the world to present products for horses with the Nordic Swan Eco Label. We are proud to be first-movers and to help secure products for horses without perfumes, parabens, and other harmful ingredients.

There is no existing legislation concerning care products for animals – as we know it from for instance cosmetics legislations for humans. But allergy, hypersensitivity and other known problems from human beauty care can also be a challenge for our horses. We have chosen to follow cosmetics legislation as it is the best protection we can provide for our customers and not least for their horses. The Nordic Swan Eco Label considers the whole – from the raw materials to production, use, disposal, and recycling. And it is precisely the whole that is the strength of the label. When you as a consumer chose a product with the Nordic Swan Eco Label, you help to drive product development in a more sustainable direction. Our Nordic Swan Eco labelled products all have a white cap which makes them easy to recognize.

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