SCHARF Riding Helmets

The SCHARF riding helmets combine safety with elegance, craftsmanship and a solid as well as contemporary classic design. We keep the well-known Scandinavian look, we are always looking at current fashion trend but with a close eye on the environment.

The 6 Variants

There is a large selection of hats available which can also be customized to your own personal taste. From basic training hats to hats that are hand-painted, airbrushed, logos added and the option to have Preciosa crystals applied. The limit is your imagination. All the customization is produced in Denmark.







We also take good care of the environment, as all EPS waste from production can be recycled in production. The used EPS can be melted down to polystyrene and can among other things be used as flower trays.

SCHARF riding helmets made of three “liners”

Inside the Scharf hat is a unique “hat liner”, this liner can be replaced or is interchangeable, made of COOLMAX it is designed to move sweat away from the head.

The layer in the middle, is an EPS liner (expanded polystyrene, which can grow up to 40 times its own size). The common European name is “Airpop”. The purpose being that the material is intelligent and an extremely smart use of plastic and air combined in the same material. High air content means that the EPS foam weighs very little, though the material has high insulation and excellent shock-absorbent properties. EPS is airtight, moisture-repellent, hygienic and chemically inactive. In addition, it can be shaped exactly to the outer shell of the riding helmet. The benefits are that, should you fall off and hit your head or the helmet suffers serious impact, the helmet does two things: First, the outer shell distributes the impact over a larger area and Second, the EPS liner reduces the impact to the head and removes the impact back into the outer shell.

The larger the impact, the more layers in the EPS liner will burst at the point of impact. Dependent on the force this may cause the outer shell to split horizontally and/or vertically. This helmet is designed to collapse on impact, removing the force away from the head.

The helmet is completed by the outer shell, which is made of a specially fabricated strong and durable plastic.

Bo Høstrup, dressagerider

“I have now been riding with the helmet from SCHARF for 10 years. It has daily strengthened me in the feeling of security around my head, which I weight extremely highly. There are a multitude of models and color combinations, so I can easily look elegant at conventions or in everyday life. I give the helmet my warmest recommendations”.