The SCHARF FREEDOM Soft rein is a new concept designed for and focused on horse welfare. The rein provides the opportunity, without bending, to train at all levels of education. This new technology is designed to eliminate accidental damage to the horse and can be used by all riders, whether professionals or amateurs. The new SCHARF FREEDOM Soft reins have a design unit that transforms the reins with “shooting rings” and “coaching rings”. This function makes it possible to work in the same way as traditional sliding reins, but without the possibility of unintentional bending at the same time with complete calm in the horse’s mouth or as a completely normal rein depending on the horse’s posture and attitude.

The 3 SCHARF FREEDOM soft Reins

Training Central

Training rein with central connection, this model is attached to the girth’s D-ring using a included carabiner. In addition, a connector regulator is also included for adjusting and extending the length of the rein.

Training Lateral

Training rein lateral connection, this model can be attached in either the saddle’s side rings with carabiners or attached to the belt with connector regulators without carabiners. Carabiners and connector regulators included.

Traning Jumping

Training rein jumping, this model is fastened with a carabiner incorporated in the rein, directly in the ring on the mooring/martingale. The distance from the bite to the mooring/martingale ring must be between 45 and 60 cm.


The rider can not inadvertently bend the horse with the SCHARF FREEDOM Soft Rein. When working with the rein, you only have one rein in your hands, which provides more comfort and simplicity for the rider at the same time with less weight in the horse’s mouth. The reins also function as a regular rein. When the stop “coaching rings” are activated, hit the bite rings, a “pulley effect” occurs, and it is now not possible to bend the horse. Using the rein, contact of the lower part of the rein will affectionate as possible, as the elastic part of the rein absorbs much of the pressure. This new technology is designed to eliminate accidental damage to the horse and can be used by all riders, whether professionals or amateurs.
In comparison, the traditional glide rein is designed for professional riders. If an experienced and sympathetic rider does not perform this type of training, the injury can be very serious and, in many cases, irreparable. Possible physical problems may be caused by abuse of a traditional sliding rein; hard pressure in the horse’s mouth, bending of the head and neck. It can cause problems with vertebrae, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves in all the mentioned areas.



SCHARF FREEDOM Soft Reins is available in three different beautiful colors;
Black, Chocolate and Antislip.





SCHARF FREEDOM Soft Reins is an auxiliary rein
– Designed, tested and manufactured in Europe.


TheSCHARF FREEDOM Soft Rein comes with a standard set of the coach rings, which immediately fits the chosen length of the rein and the size of the horse. The Coach rings have to be placed parallel to each other. To adjust the total length of the reins one must put them on the horse; Open the buckle that separates the two reins (guide the reins through the bite rings on each side, inside and out), and then close with the buckle again. With the horse’s neck well stretched, the end of the reins should reach the front edge of the saddle. Attach the carabiner to the D-ring. Adjust the length of the reins from the connector regulator (where it is attached to the girth) until the desired length is reached. This can be done as often as necessary.

The purpose of the jump rein is to control the horse’s action while preventing the horse from lifting its head inappropriately, but which does NOT prevent the horse from stretching its neck and head during the jump. The model for jumping must be used together with your mooring/martingale. The rein is always fastened with the carabiner.

SCHARF FREEDOM Soft Rein in all models helps build muscle without the risk of unintentional bending of the horse’s head and neck but ensures the horse’s correct head and neck position during training.


SCHARF Freedom Soft reins can be used in all disciplines based on their unique characteristics
Dressage, jumping, eventing, distance, racing, western, touring and leisure riding, hitch, work from the ground, and Icelandic riding.

The rein is unique for its soft contact, large controls without the risk of bending, the comfort of only having to wear a rein, and the fact that the rein “fits” the horse’s mouth and minimizes the risk of accidental injury.

Words from Marie Ida Hocke, show jumper

“Control, stability, lightness and quality with a good grip are all I get, in one and the same rein when I develop in my training. The SCHARF Freedom soft rein gives the optimal freedom to the horse, and the horse can move freely With the rein, you can still ride your regular everyday training without getting in the way. It is made of strong, delicious and soft material, which makes it fit well in the hand. For me, it helps me a lot that I can concentrate about the harder things in training because the horse can not take his head up completely.It can be adjusted in several settings, depending on need and training.

I’m suffering from pain and problems in my left shoulder after a riding accident and here the reins are amazing! I can now ride without pain after, as well as I can train many more exercises than ever before. It is a rein that gives the rider optimal support, as well as the horse a lot of freedom of movement in front”.