SCHARF Freedom girth – Backtrack

kr. 1.999,00

The SCHARF Freedom girth, Backtrack, has now been developed especially for horses with:

– Large round stomachs (barrel-shaped)
– Forward girth grooves
– High withers
– Loose skin
– Any other problems around the elbow

The backtrack model can be used for dressage, eventing and cold-blooded girths.

With the Backtrack girth, the lateral pads are placed toward the back of the armpit and toward the center of the flank.

The backtrack girth ensures that horses with large round bellies (after foaling, coming back from injury, etc.) have a girth that is not pushed forward at the elbow, but remains in the correct position.

Due to its anatomical design, the retracted side cushion, hence the name, creates extra space so horses with loose skin at the elbows get extra comfort.

When buying this alternative model, it is always important to describe the basic characteristics of your horse: belly, forward girth grooves, high withers, loose skin, etc. We would recommend that you call or write us an email to have a conversation about your horse. This way, it is ensured that you choose the correct model and length of the girth.

The exclusive and patented design of the SCHARF Freedom Girth, was designed such that each part of it, work with a particular muscle of the chest without interfering with the free functioning of the other muscle.

The SCHARF Freedom girths offer:

Maximum air circulation.

Independent muscle support for freedom of movement – a great benefit to any dressage horse.

Allows for ribcage movements as the horse breathes.

Manufactured to be strong and durable.

100% Smooth Leather.

Foldable for easy storage.

Manufactured in Europe with high-quality materials in accordance with European Community standards.