SCHARF Freedom girth – Cold-blooded horses – Mare – gelding/stallion

kr. 1.999,00

The SCHARF Freedom girth is a newer concept developed with the horse’s anatomy in mind and offers independent support for the rib muscles on both sides, as well as both the upward and the oblique chest muscles. The special construction of the Freedom belt also means that the horse has exposed sternum and that it provides optimal support and still provides space when the horse is in motion.

Cold-blooded breeds have a round, flat, large and powerful chest, so they need more space and separation between the chest pads, for a better fit of the girth. Cold-blooded horses have different morphology, the difference between mares and geldings/stallions is remarkable. These breeds were intended for draft horses for vigorous work as well as riding horses. There is immediately no previously designed made specifically for these breeds. In collaboration with some of our cold-blooded horse riders, SCHARF has developed and adapted the Freedom girth for continued work biomechanically. The most prominent change in the cold-blooded model is the freedom in the sternum area. The mare model has less space between the middle pieces than the gelding/stallion model.

We also make special order, if the horse does not fit a standard model or has very special needs.

SCHARF Freedom girth offers:

Maximum air circulation.

Independent support for the muscles with freedom of movement – A great benefit for all cold-blooded horses.

Allows free movement in the chest and around the ribs.

Extremely strong and durable.

100% soft leather.

Foldable for easy storage.

FMade in Europe with high quality materials in accordance with EU standards.