SCHARF Freedom Soft Reins – Auxiliary rein training – Showjumping

kr. 1.499,00

SCHARF Freedom Soft Reins, is a completely new innovative concept compared to the traditional rein.

SCHARF Freedom Soft Reins act as an auxiliary rein where the horse avoids tension and has optiomal freedom. The rein can function as a traditional auxiliary rein and/or as a completely ordinary rein depending on the position of the horse’s head.

The design of the rein encourages the horse to seek the optimal frame, forward and downward search as well as the stretch of the neck. This position supports the building of the horse’s musculature, in addition the horse benefits greatly from the fact that the rein protects the horse’s mouth against tension from the rider.

If there is resistance on the rein, it works like a traditional auxiliary rein, but as soon as the contact with the horse’s mouth reaches the stop ring (coaching ring), the rein immediately becomes a completely normal rein and at that moment releases the tension in the fixed part of the reins and immediately invites the horse to find the most correct frame and avoids accidental bending.

Another advantage of SCHARF Freedom Soft Reins is the elastic section. This provides the opportunity to have a constant, soft and flexible contact to the horse’s mouth.

This innovative system gives the rein an important transverse function, which makes it possible to use the rein as the main rein without having to add an extra rein for training the horse.

Reins width: 1.5 cm

XS – Extra small Pony up to 1.20 M / 12.2 hands (Length 1.27 M). Only on order

S = Small, Pony up to 1.20 M / 12.2 hands (Length 1.47 M)

L = Large, Cob / Full up to 1.80 M / 17.3 hands (Length 1.73 M)

XL = Extra large, X-full over 1.80 M / over 17.3 hands (Length 1.98 M)